GoTo Travel Campaign 35% Off Selected Guesthouses

What is STAY JAPAN ?

STAY JAPAN is a guesthouse booking website. We have over 3,000 unique farm stays, cultural stays, castle stays and many more for you to experience something new on your trip.

For any adventurer that is looking to go off the beaten path and discover new areas that you don't see on mainstream media. With the current situation, we understand that safety is first. That is why STAY JAPAN offers many guesthouse stays that are in less populated regions. This makes it perfect for anyone that is interested in relaxing from the city or to work remotely in a new environment.

GoTo Travel Campaign Details

The government of Japan has created a short-term program where people living in Japan can travel at a discounted price(up to 50%).

STAYJAPAN is fortunate to provide all our of guest a 35% off coupon or 14,000 yen (whichever comes first ) from our selected guesthouses.

Use code "goto" on any of our selected. All reservations dates that use the "goto" travel campaign need to be before January 31st, 2021.

*Per GoTo Travel campaign rules, residents that make an account with a Tokyo address may not participate in the Tokyo campaign at this time.

*Update: Starting from October 1st, 2020, residents from Tokyo are also allowed to use the 35% off coupon!

How To Use GoTo Travel Coupon

Three Simple Steps

  • 1. Apply

    - Only takes a few minutes to make guest account.

  • 2. Get Verified

    - To abide by Japanese laws, we ask for you to upload a form of Identification to validate your account such as a picture of your Japanese official Visa Card or Japanese license. We will use this to verify your account.

    - Please make sure your current address is clearly visible.

    - Our support team will send you an email of your verified account shortly after you apply.

    *Tokyo Residents: According to the GoTo travel campaign rules, residents living in Tokyo may not participate in the discount at this time. We appreciate your understanding. You are however welcome to still our use our site.

    *Update: Starting from October 1st, 2020, residents from Tokyo are also allowed to use the 35% off coupon.

    New account address will no longer need to be checked after October 1st, 2020.

  • 3. Use coupon code "goto" on selected houses.

    - Look out for the "Go To Travel" campaign mark.