[Amami Oshima] with JAL Launch Campaign NOW!

Now the properies of Amami Oshima on STAY JAPAN are available for JAL package! Get a set of air ticket and property in a good value, then enjoy the saty in Amami Oshima!

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Hosyala house

The host Mrs. Michiru always say "I hope I can provide a unique Amami Oshima during travelers stay". So she decorates the room with the local fabric "Oshimatsumugi".
Please enjoy the unique Amami Oshima by having the local cuisine dinner and Kasha rice cake, and singing Okinawa folk with the host.


make local cuisine/ make snacks and juice/ singing Okinawa folk/ farm work/ natural observation/ riverside playing etc.

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Shoten An

The host has been engaged the develpment of the local specialties. You can try to use local ingredients to make local cuisine with the host.
Also, there is a traditional fabric "Oshimatsumugi" making experience program. .
Host's cat welcome you as well.


make local cuisine/ make snacks and juice/ walking/ farm work/ natural observation/ make Oshimatsumugi etc.

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House of grandpa Lupine and sparrow

The host Mr.Tamashi is grandpa Lupine. He is a jolly person, he can be talking with people all day long.
His wife is a hairdresser, so she can help you to dress in Oshimatsumugi Kimono. Not only women but also men.

After you dressed by an Oshimatsumugi Kimono, take a photo in the garden with green will be very nice.


make snacks/ walking/ farm work/ dress in a Oshimatsumugi Kimono/ learn traditional dance etc.

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  • Shoten An

  • Hosyala house

  • House of grandpa Lupine and sparrow

  • Denpaku - a house can see the harbor and sunset.

  • Denpaku - Accommodation with private beach

  • Denpaku - A lodging with Takakura

  • Denpaku - Horizon and Chaoyang residence

  • Denpaku - House of Lily

  • Denpaku - Ocean view of the roof