The World’s First Ever “Sumo Stable Stay”

The World's First Ever "Sumo Stable Stay"
(Now Open!)
“A rare, delicious, emotional experience of traditional Japanese culture in Tokyo”

One of the world’s most intense sport that challenges the human body to its limits has never been this accessible until now. Through popular demand, Hyakusenrenma, Inc. has partnered with Kataonami Sumo stable to give you an all exclusive, full access to Japan’s most respected sport.

Hyakusenrenma, Inc. creates the pathway for inbound travelers to experience extra-ordinary activities, guesthouses, and cultural connections throughout Japan. Sumo Stable Stay originated from Hyakusenrenma's guesthouse booking site, STAY JAPAN. Here you can search through about 2,000 guesthouses all providing a variety of activities such as farming, fishing, island-getaways, and Japan's first ever overnight castle experience. (Summer 2020)

Chanko Experience

Taste heaven when you eat the famous "chanko nabe," sumo special soup. Full of mochi, vegetables, chicken, and noodles. Sumo wrestlers need to eat this soup every day to become bigger and stronger. How many bowls of soup can you eat?

“Delicious sumo stew and awesome time joking around with sumo wrestlers speechless. ”

Morning Sumo Practice

Sumo wrestlers are some of the kindest people in the world. That all changes during the morning practice where they show a different, fierce, side while clashing with each other to push the other out of the ring.

"Watching Sumo practice was such a wild emotional experience."

Two different types of packages will be offered with one plan allowing the guest to actually see the sumo tournament from seats more difficult to acquire than the president himself. Kataonami stable is the only guesthouse where you can experience mouth-watering food, comfortable beds, and most of all, a one-to-one interaction with professional sumo wrestlers.

Recently renovated on September 2019 to accommodate up to eleven guests, with three room for sleeping each being a spacious 209㎡ in size and extremely comfortable. Two rooms are western themed with one room using Japanese tatami. There is also a large fully furnished living room with large windows for lots of natural sunlight, with two separate shower rooms, two bathrooms, and a washer/dryer available.

About Kataonami Stable

Kataonami stable is currently being overseen by the 14th generation headmaster who reached the rank of sekiwake, the third best in all of sumo wrestling during his tenure, under the name Tama Kasuga. There are currently two professional sumo wrestlers in Kataonami stable which includes the high ranking Tama Washi, who won first place in a sumo tournament in 2019. All Kataonami stable professional sumo wrestlers have the 玉 character in front of their name in order to distinguish them from other sumo stables.

Sumo stable stay was started because the headmaster wants to open the door to the world of sumo to travelers from all over the world. He would like for guests to understand what makes Sumo the most respected, dangerous, and most watched sport in all of Japan.

Now accepting
reservations for May !


Guest House Name: TamanoNe
Address: Ishiwara 1 Chome 33-9, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Access: Ryogoku station; Toei Oedo line 8min walk.
JR Chuo-Sobu line Station 14min. by walk.
Living space:209㎡ (3rd floor)

Structure: 4-story building w/ reinforced concrete.
Opening date: April 2020
Price for stay: 1 person/stay; 20,000yen *price may
change depending on the season.
Owner: Yukiko Akiyama
Planning/Operations Oversight: Hyakusenrenma, Inc.

About Hyakusenrenma, Inc.

Company Name: Hyakusenrenma, Inc.
Location: 2-18-20 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
President: Yasuhiro Kamiyama
Established date: June 19th,2012

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Hyakusenrenma, Inc.
Phone: 03-6206-9176
ATTN: Giovanni, Tsujita