Apr. 06, 2017

First castle stay in Japan! Spend a night in a castle with your other half

Apr. 06, 2017

First castle stay in Japan! Spend a night in a castle with your other half

For its first Special Project, STAY JAPAN offers a couple a chance to spend one night in Nagasaki’s Hirado Castle, for free. Enter our lottery and try to win an overnight castle stay for two. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience!

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Project: Overnight Castle Stay and Omotenashi Tour
Date of stay: May 20, 2017 to May 21, 2017
Place: Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Qualification requirements: to be a man and a woman applying as a couple, and at least 20 years old
Application period: April 6, 2017 to April 23, 2017
Winners announcement: April 26, 2017

Hirado Castle


1. Spend the night at Hirado Castle for free
2. Discover Hirado Castle and Hirado City during a friendly Omotenashi Tour
3. Enjoy a superb dinner served inside the castle tower, just like great lords did 400 years ago!
4. Follow the castle staff for an exclusive and private tour
5. Go net fishing with local fishermen and eat your catch for breakfast
6. Visit famous World Heritage sites
7. Choose souvenirs from Hirado City (limited to this offer)
8. Let yourself be surprised!



1. Open the form and enter your email address. That’s it!
2. The winning couple will receive the winning email on April 26
3. On May 20, take your passport with you and go to the meeting place

Important notes (please read carefully)

*The winners will be notified by phone or email. Please note that only the winners will receive a notification.
*Make sure that your name, address and contact information are correct as we will contact the winners via email or phone.
*Please note that we cannot accept cancellation requests. Please contact us if you are unable to come due to sickness or injury.
*The cost for domestic flight tickets as well as transportation expenses from the meeting place to other locations will be borne by Hyakusenrenma Inc. and Hirado Castle.
*However, the cost of international flights tickets must be borne by the winners.
*Even in case of bad weather, the program “Hirado Castle Stay and Omotenashi Tour” will be maintained. The content of the program may however be modified.
*The content of the activities may be modified without prior notification.
*Please note that various media (TV, magazine, newspaper etc) may be present to cover your stay.
*We may periodically send information about castle stays and promotional campaigns to your email address.




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