Win A Free Castle Stay


Japan will have its first ever Castle Stay at Hirado Castle in Nagasaki-Ken.

“Discover A New Stay in Japan” is our vision and providing a unique type of tourism is our mission.

Become a STAY JAPAN Ambassador and share STAY JAPAN through Social Media to get a free night stay at Hirado Castle (Yes, a real Castle) . *Due to Covid-19 and other various natural disasters in the Kyushu area, Hirado Castle Stay start date has been postponed. We are currently deciding when the perfecta and safest time to open this event to the general public. We will post any further updates here.

Entry Prize

Enter to win a free night at Hirado Castle and various other unique stays on our website.

◇1st Prize ( Up to 5 groups / 10 Ambassadors )

Invitation to stay at Hirado Castle for free.
(Time of stay is undecided.)

◇2nd Prize ( All Entries )

5% off coupon for any stay offered on STAY JAPAN.

What’s a STAY JAPAN Ambassador ?

You are a creative thinker and an active user of various Social Media (Facebook, Intsagram, Twitter).

You can help STAY JAPAN by sharing one of our many types of accommodations we offer such as: Castle Stay, Farm Stay, Traditional Stay, Temple Stay, and more.

The more you share, the higher chance you have of receiving access to greater gifts and prizes!

Entry Rule 1

Follow STAY JAPAN on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Entry Rule 2

Use Social media to spread awareness of our many different stays we offer on our website.
Use @stayjapan in your next mention.

(Posting example)
You are allowed to use the photos below for your post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just so long as it is for spreading the word about STAY JAPAN.

  • Castle Stay @stayjapan

    Stay at a castle in Japan. Japan’s first ever castle stay. Check out @stayjapan for more details.

  • Farm Stay @stayjapan

    Stay with Japanese farmers on your next trip to Japan. Be healed by the peaceful environment and laugh the night away trying to speak the local dialect.

  • Traditional Stay @stayjapan

    Stay in a 100+ year old traditional Japanese house and experience true history before your eyes.

  • Temple Stay @stayjapan

    Stay at a Japanese temple to get in touch with your inner self and experience supreme relaxation.

  • Villa Stay @stayjapan

    Stay in a vacation home and spend your time in a private cottage by the sea surrounded by the beautiful forest.

Entry Rule 3

Add #stayjapan_ambassador in your next post.

Who Can Enter ?

- Those who are interested in castles or have an interest in staying at a castle.

- Those who enjoy a new type of traveling or unique type of stay.

- Those who help spread the word about STAY JAPAN through Social media