Please come to the countryside where you can experience nature and a life unchanged from the good old days.

Tono is located in the mid-west section of Iwate Prefecture in the northeast Tohoku region of Japan. The area is rich in nature and is surrounded by mountains. The original landscape and traditional lifestyle of Japan remains very strong in the area. Newcomers to the area feel a strong sense of nostalgia, and thus the area is called “the forever hometown of Japan”, and provides visitors with a sense of gentle relaxation.

Tono is also famous as the setting of the anecdote collection “Tono Monogatari” containing fairy tales and legends. Tono has many spots featuring kappa (water sprites) and zashikiwaraji (a ghost that brings good fortune to a household) that appear in the book. Although visitors can come to Tono without any knowledge of “Tono Monogatari”, reading the book before visiting will increase the pleasure gained.

The warmth of the local inhabitants is also an essential element when talking about Tono. The kindness of the people is perhaps this area’s greatest treasure. Even complete strangers will be welcomed like family.

Enjoy a stay with a kindly host in the grand nature and original landscape of Tono. Won’t you come to an unforgettable trip?


Tono Please come to the countryside where you can experience nature and a life unchanged from the good old days.

“Unedori-sama” is a spot known to locals where it is said wishes come true. It is said that if a wish is written on a red cloth, and if it can be tied using just your left hand, the wish will come true!


Nostalgic scenery such as a countryside unchanged throughout the ages and “Nanbu Magariya”, a type of local traditional home architecture exist in abundance in Tono. Please enjoy a relaxing scenery that is worthy of the nickname “the forever hometown of Japan”.

A single straight road running through a rice paddy. The road provides a view that changes according to the season. It is a very popular cycling road as well.


Tono has many delicious foods. There are also a lot of traditional foods around even now. The farmstay hosts are all good at cooking, so you can learn from them while cooking together. After everything is prepared, let’s eat together. You can hear about the local cuisine and enjoy your meal even more over a fun conversation with the host.

In Tono, when we hear “barbecue” we immediately think of Genghis Khan (a grilled mutton dish). It’s a popular dish often made when people gather together, like during homecomings or local events.


Savor, enjoy, stay, talk. There are so many wonderful things about farmstays. Wouldn’t you like to experience something slightly out of the ordinary from usual travel or leisure, here in Tono? The hosts, full of character, will show you kind hospitality.

Let’s have a toast with homemade tomato juice. Our home has a comfortable warmth that will remind you of visiting a relative.

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The joy of travel expands infinitely with“attractive owners”x “various experiences”. You will feel the actual Japanese life, entirely different from when you stay in a hotel. Find the original stay of your preference which can only be carried out at that time and place!

  • Agriturismo Omori-House

    Enjoy cooking and farming activities in a nostalgic kominka old Japanese-style house! Please enjoy an unique experience with us.

  • Farmstay Suzukuri Cottage

    A wide variety of farm activities are available upon request! We are a farm guest house where guests can enjoy time with locals.

  • Farmstay Tsukushi Farm

    In the springtime, foraging for wild mountain vegetables, in the summertime, hand picking blueberries, in the autumn, chestnut picking, and snow activities in winter... A wide variety of farm activities are available for you on our expansive farm!


One of the great things about green tourism is that you can experience things that you cannot do in the city. There is regional cusine, dressing up, and other traditional cultural experiences that you can only do in Tono. Don't you want to make some unforgettable memories?

One of the local dishes is called "Hittsumi". "Hittsumi" is a dish that is made by kneading flour and thinly stretching it, then tearing it apart by hand and cooking it in a pot with seasonal vegetables. The name comes from the word "hittsumu" in the local dialect, meaning to "tear apart".