Mar. 11, 2016

Trip to Sanriku, stay at a fisherman’s

Mar. 11, 2016

Trip to Sanriku, stay at a fisherman’s


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Blog by Chihiro Igarashi, Student

“I wanted to go on a trip myself to Tohoku and do something different, so I used the website STAY JAPAN(ex-Tomarina) to try out private lodge (Minpaku in Japanese). This time, I went to Kuji city in Iwate and Sanohe in Aomori and stayed one night in each place.”

Day 1

Heading for Sanriku’s ocean and Tohoku

Generally, Kuji city is famous for being the terminal station of the Sanriku railways. In other words, I took the Sanriku trains and arrived in Kuji city. This is a picture of the inside of the train. Fancy, right?


From the train, you could have a pretty good view on the Pacific ocean.

Arrive and chill

living room

At Kuji station, the wife of the host came to pick me up and took me back home, a place which looked like you could have a relaxing time in it.

Fishing video

The host who is a fisherman showed a video to me where he went fishing sea urchins and told me about his life as a fisher and what kind of fish you can catch in this area.

Cooking with fresh fish is the best!


The wife of the host was busy preparing dinner.


Cooking dinner with fish that was catched just this morning!

cooking sashimi

I also tried preparing sashimi!

sashimi dinner

Tadaaa! Dinner’s ready! And a lot of fresh fish is in it! Doesn’t that look good?


Let’s eat! Tomorrow we will be going on a fishing trip so we have to get up early!

Day 2

Excited for the fishing trip


This morning, we woke up at 4.30 and left for fishing.


We left on a small Japanese style fisherboad and immediatly, there was a sea gull at the stern.


After we sailed out for a while, we could see the morning sun from the boat.


We caught this huge eel! Good job, uncle fisherman!

Exploring Kuji city


Breakfast with fish! So delicious!

Location of Amachan

The host showed me around the coast and we found the film set location of the famous Japanese drama “Ama-chan” here!

sanriku coast

The rocky pool from the film set is not filled with water anymore, but I was told it is still popular with children in the summer.

sanriku coast

The waves crashed strongly against the coastal rocks at the Sanriku coast where the host took me next. He also showed me a site that was damaged once bt a tsunami wave.

Time to say goodbye and thank you!

After resting a while in the house, it was time to leave. The host’s wife took me in her car to the station. Auntie and uncle fisherman, thank you so much for these two very special days!


Fishing experience

The house of host Sugawara is a good place to try eating fresh fish with a taste you’ll never forget. 
The fishing trip itself was a precious experience, too, as I could see fisherman Sugawara live in action (even though I got a little bit seasick…). From the beginning to the very end, I felt like I visited family in their warm and nice home. 
Leaving was quiet sad, but the host’s wife said to me, that she wanted to keep in touch no matter how far we will be seperated after that.

*It is an article that Mr. Igarashi of the monitor interviewed Sugawara of the host.
Please have a look!
Interview with the hosts | Trip to Sanriku, stay at a fisherman’s

Let's experience fisherman in Iwate!



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